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Translator's Introduction

The contents of this book are translated from the Buddhadhammanoon (Buddhist Constitution) which contains the knowledge of the principle precepts in the Tripitaka in the style of Mãtikã (In this context, Mãtikã means items which are like sections in law codes) .

I, myself, have a strong intention to make merit and devote myself to Buddhism . After reading the Buddhadhammanoon, I got the idea of creating a work which matched my ability . I am very lucky to know Dr. Charoon Wonnakasinanont who is the author and a meditation trainer at Wat Yannawa . He permitted me to translate his book into English, so I started my work in May 2007 during the Visãkhab u jã Festival .

I think that this translation is my masterpiece, and it is one of meritorious action . In addition, it will be a book of remembrance for the auspicious celebration of His Majesty the King's 80th birthday anniversary .

I really hope that this translation will be beneficial to persons of interest, especially to enhance knowledge of the Dhamma. Let us rejoice together (Anumodanã).


Asst. Prof. Pranee Pathomchaiwat

19 May 2008

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